I am an experienced writer, and have worked on a variety of material, catering for popular, academic, and corporate audiences, across a variety of media.

I am potentially available to assist with :

  • Copywriting and other creative work
  • Copyediting
  • Critical reading
  • Proof reading
  • Research for media production

As the present website indicates, I am most familiar with the popular, grey, and academic literature around current affairs and public policy, particularly political economy, and related web and other media production. My interests, though, are wide ranging; I have also, for example, written about popular science (Universe and Life for the Bath Community Culture Company Experiment; Test Tube for the Cheltenham Festival of Science), and British history (A Sketch History of Bath for the Sketch History Company). My corporate work has included websites, brochures, bids, sales presentations, management reports, presentations, intranet portals, and technical documentation. My academic work has included dissertations, journal articles, presentations and more. Third sector work has included bids, websites, and newsletters.

Please contact me by emailing if you would like to discuss your requirements.